Technique and deft skills are required for this intense sport of concentration and co-ordination

Trial is one discipline where speed matters not. Rather, it is the skill demonstrated by the riders in overcoming difficult and various types of obstacles without stopping or allowing their feet to touch the ground.
The typical Trial machine is light and nimble, and it’s simply amazing what obsticals top riders with deft control can navigate with them.

Riders are judged for their ability to ride over and around boulders, fallen tree trunks and sheer walls, man made objects and other obstacles. The goal is to accumulate as little points as possible.
If a rider touches the ground with their feet for support or “dabbing” they accrue ‘points’. Riders also get points for dismounting, going out of bounds and rolling backwards among other infractions.
The rider with the least points wins!

Trials take place within predetermined sections with each of these having boundaries. Riders can take as long as they need to finish. Trials use smaller bikes with engines designed for torque rather than outright power.
Electric powered trials bikes are also making a more common appearance around the world and may well add a strong future to this sport.