A super exciting motorcycle sport that combines Road racing, Motocross, and Flat track racing

Supermoto is a form of motorcycle racing held on race tracks that  alternate between three kinds of track surfaces: Supermoto combines hard packed dirt of flat track oval racing , the irregular jumps and obstacles of Motocross and the paved tarmac surface of road racing. 

Supermoto allows the best riders from the three separate genres of motorcycle racing to temporarily leave their normal specialist race class and to come together and compete for the title of best “all-rounder”. Today Supermoto has evolved to become a distinct genre of its own and riders in New Zealand and Australia will compete on closed circuits, modified dirt tracks or closed public road circuits.

Races are also commonly held on road racing or medium-sized go-kart tracks with an off road section in the infield. Much of a  Supermoto race tracks use tarmac with smaller sections using dirt.

The tracks can feature motocross style obstacles like bermed corners and jumps. This type of racing is also very portable in that an entire track can be constructed anywhere there is a large area of open asphalt and an availability of dirt. Supermoto races have also been successfully held in busy urban centers using closed city streets for the road course and a vacant lot for the dirt sections.

The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of Motocross machines with road-racing wheels/tires fitted. Riders also wear a combination of road race and off-road equipment. An exciting sport to watch, with spectators able to get up close to the racing and enjoy an arena style racing experience..