An up close in your face spectacular arena based Motorcycle sport, colour , noise and action

Supercross is a spectacular dirt-bike motorcycle sport which evolved from Motocross.
The major difference between Supercross and Motocross is that, Supercross races are conducted on specifically built dirt tracks which often consist of specially designed steep jumps and introduced obstacles.
Motocross tends to uses tracks that are usually longer and make use of the surrounding natural terrain.

Supercross can be more technical and rhythm like for riders. Supercross is an one of the most exciting motorsports out there and can be watched close-up by 10s of thousands of spectators within an indoor arena (often at night) to maximise both the view and spectacle of noise and colour
It is a very popular form of motorcycle sport in Australia, United States and France with some of the worlds top riders learning their trade in Australia and New Zealand.

Supercross championships are held in both Australia (MA) and New Zealand (MNZ), with trans-tasman events also occurring regularly.