A true test of man and machine that is held in some of the most stunning countryside that Australasia has to offer

As the name suggests Enduro is an endurance test of rider and machine on varied terrains.
Both New Zealand and Australia are blessed with some of the best available countryside for Enduro and also Cross Country racing, and Oceania has consistently produced some world class riders and world champions.
Enduro racing is physically and mentally demanding as the Enduro rider is likely to have to endure steep terrain, fallen logs, rocky ground, fast sections of loose metal, knarly rocky streams and tricky downhill sections.
Much of this will be on a mixture of surfaces including gravel, dirt, deep sand, mud and hard packed clay for long distances.
Riders will often have to experience all types of surfaces within one single race day, and navigate their way without outside assistance. Some Enduro races go on for many days.
Enduro suits a wide range of riders including women whom have had great success at the highest level of this sport.