Women in sport

Promotion of women into our sport

FIM and FIM national member federations worldwide are focussing attention on making the sport of Motorcycling inclusive for more women.  This focus applies across the wider spectrum of Motorcycling Sport including  for competitors, administrators and volunteers.

The FIM has a Women in Sport Commission (CFM) and its mission is to create egalitarian opportunities and to promote equal treatment for women involved in activities related to motorcycling. It shall establish co-operation with all sporting, extra-sporting Commissions, Panels and external partners in the world of motorcycling
See link here http://www.fim-live.com/en/beyond-sport/topic/women/
Within Oceania there is also an Australian Women in Motorcycling group promoting and mentoring the women of our sport. See link here https://www.ma.org.au/competition/women-in-motorcycling/